In case you haven't gathered, Media Breaker is a video editor which enables you to socially comment on various video media sources, especially commercials.

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Media Breaker Terms of Service:

1. The Purpose of the Media Breaker:

1.1. You agree to create only fair use commentary about media and culture and to obey these terms of use.
1.2. The Media Breaker is not intended for people under the age of 13, so if you're less than 13 years old you may not use the Media Breaker!

2. What We'll Post:

2.1. We have a presentation **link** that explains the basics of fair use law. You need to watch this before you use the Media Breaker – it will help you create videos that will actually get posted.
2.2. If we think that your video is not a fair use, we will do our best to let you know what should be changed and give you a chance to correct it and resubmit it.
2.3. Once a video is posted to the Media Breaker, you will not be able to make any further changes to it.
2.4. We will not post anything that we consider indecent, inappropriate, hateful, or dangerous. Please use the Media Breaker nicely.
2.5. We are allowed to take down any video at any time for any reason.

3. Your Use of the Media Breaker:

3.1. Anything you create on the Media Breaker belongs to the Media Breaker. By creating and submitting a video, you are assigning all rights in the work, including the copyright and the right to copy the video and post it online. (This is for your protection – if anyone brings legal action as a result of a video on the Media Breaker, we don't want you to have to be involved.)
3.2. You agree not to hack any of our websites, copy any of our code, steal information about our users, steal our intellectual property, or do anything else that you're not supposed to.
3.3. We agree not to sell your information to anyone else and to do our best to protect your privacy.
3.4. We can't be responsible for anything outside of our own websites, so navigate the internet with caution!

4. Disputes:

4.1. We hope that no disputes ever arise, but if they do they will be governed by the laws of New York State and any lawsuits must be brought in the Eastern District of New York.
4.2. We will do our best to make the Media Breaker perfect, but we can't guarantee that there won't be problems, so you understand that you're using it at your sole risk and that the Media Breaker is provided "as is."

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